Endowed funds assure that current and future generations of students benefit from a donor’s generosity. They also build the financial strength of an institution. The principal of these funds is invested in perpetuity by the Bluefield State University Foundation, and a portion of the earnings is distributed each year.

Endowed scholarships benefit students for perpetuity, and many are created to honor an individual whose life inspired the donor. Such memorials provide a legacy that lives on in the lives of students for generations to come, as well as in the individuals and communities that they affect through their work, families and citizenship.

Endowments grow through interest earned and additional gifts made after a fund is established. Bluefield State University Foundation encourages donors to help build endowed scholarships.

How to Give

To make a gift to one of these endowments, send a check payable to Bluefield State University Foundation, Bluefield State University, 219 Rock Street, Bluefield, WV 24701.

For information on establishing an endowment, call 304-327-4031.

For applications to these endowed scholarships, contact the Office of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.