At 蓝色的field State, we know history. Founded in 1895 by the good people of West Virginia with the purpose of 服务, the 峻岭 在我们的 校园的美丽 continue to embody a community dedicated to educating and preparing future leaders. Our traditions bring the community closer together and have established the great pride that students and alumni have in being members of the Big 蓝色的 Family.


The beginning of a student’s academic journey at 蓝色的field State begins with our traditional 入学考试 Ceremony. 欢迎周末期间, all first-year students gather for this ceremonial event that marks the official start of their time at the University. In addition to the official welcoming ceremony, new students recite the 入学考试 Oath and are invited to sign the 入学考试 Pledge, signifying their commitment to 蓝色的field. New students and their 家庭 are the honored guests at this important campus tradition.


欢迎周 is the official kick-off week for the academic year and the first major program students experience at 蓝色的field State. Each year the week is filled with activities to make new 朋友, 熟悉校园, 拍摄传统的班级照片, and have lots of fun before the semester gets frantic.


蓝色的field State is your home away from home. Our alumni are thrilled to come back during 同学会 each fall semester to catch up with classmates, 朋友, 教师 & staff, see what has changed, what has stayed the same, and explore the 蓝色的field community. The 同学会 Court and the crowning of the King & Queen is a tradition that has a long history at the University for popular students each year, along with various class reunions, 车尾派对, and the traditional home football game. BSU 同学会 is a weeklong celebration for our entire campus community.


蓝色的爵士 is 蓝色的field State University’s official mascot and biggest cheerleader – our well-known 蓝色的 Great Dane who is a beloved presence at BSU sporting events and campus activities. 蓝色的爵士 appears at as many university functions as possible. University-sponsored活动, like summer Freshman Orientation programs, BSU迎新周, 还有运动项目, 优先. When you see 蓝色的爵士 at an event - don’t be afraid to say hello or grab a photo!


Every semester students take a break from studying and enjoy the company of their classmates at the 午夜早餐 each semester. Members of the 蓝色的field State 教师 and staff serve a free late-night breakfast to students in the University Dining Hall before the first day of Final Examinations.


蓝色的field State 校友 Eugene Jones ’38, penned The 蓝色的field State Hymn in 1935 and since that time has been performed by students and alumni at numerous campus events for decades. Students and alumni show their pride when performing the great Hymn both on and off campus. 


Upward through the years we’ll clime 

Hamilton Hatter Scholarship Luncheon

Held each February during Black History Month, the program honors the co-founder of 蓝色的field State with a luncheon and presentations to students receiving scholarships from loyal donor’s and supporters of the University. 1895年,州长维吉尔. Lewis chose Hamilton as the first principal of the school because of his educational experience and 领导 in southern West Virginia.


Sponsored by the Division of Students Affairs and the Student Government Association, the Annual Banquet recognizes current students, 工作人员, and recognized student organizations for academic excellence, 领导, 服务, and overall achievement during the year. Awards include the Nathan Cook Brackett Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award, named in honor of the co-founder of 蓝色的field State, 和威廉·H. Ross Outstanding Student Leader Award, named in honor of the first student at the school. Held every April, this popular campus tradition is one not to be missed!


University 毕业典礼 is the honored tradition at 蓝色的field State held at the end of each spring semester. The formal celebration at which degrees are conferred upon graduating students, commencement is the annual event not to be missed by students, 家庭, 和朋友. 仪式权杖, 我们的装饰手杖, is carried by designated students and university officials at the head of the academic procession as part of the formal academic ceremony. Caps and gowns are worn at 毕业典礼 to symbolize unity and academic achievement.